Fundraising Tips and Tools

Five Ways to Fundraise

1. Reach Out to Your Community

Ask in person, post on social media, or email your friends, family, and colleagues asking them to support your fundraising. Ask community groups and clubs to which you belong. Ask businesses that you frequent, like your dentist, dry cleaner, hair salon or coffee shop.

2. Involve Your Friends

Ask each of your donors to ask 3 more people to donate. You can invite them to join your team or register their friends and family. Or send an email to ten people and ask them to email ten more people.

3. Raise Money at Your Workplace

Your workplace is one of the best places to raise money. Be visible when asking. When people see your collegaues and managers supporting you, they'll pitch in. Send an email blast or hang up a poster in the break area. If you have offices in other cities, ask those locations to sponsor your team.

Many employers will match charitable donations. Ask your HR Manager for information.

4. Host a Party

Host a party or happy hour and ask everyone for a suggested donation at the door. Remind them that this is for a good cause. They may contribute even more than your ask!

Host a bake sale at your business or organization. Ask friends and family to bake goodies to sell. You can also sell red ribbons or other handmade merchandise.

If it's a public event email us at with your event info and we'll promote it online.

5. Offer Incentives

Challenge your friends to meet your donation goal and promise to do something in return. You can shave your head, wear a funny hat or shirt for a day, or do the Walk in full costume.

Read about these fundraising ideas from past walkers and teams.


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